Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are 'Health Foods' Making You Fat?

But it's healthy, the box says so! Except...NO.

Calories are like ninjas. They can hide in plain sight. This is especially true for those who think they're eating healthy and actually gulping down unwanted added calories. Here are a few big offenders:

1) Protein bars
Whoops! You just ate 300 calories.
Even though most protein bars are about the size of your fist, they pack a bunch of calories, sugars and sometimes carbs as well. AVOID.

If you're trying to lose weight, have learn proteins after a workout instead, or a homemade shake so you can keep better track of the calories consumed.

2) Juicing
Many juices are simply sugar water, even if the entire fruit is in there.
That's because fruit mainly consists of water, and generally has high fructose levels. When you juice it, you get sugar water. Drinking several a day to "be healthy" in between meals, and the calories will sneak up on you.

I've had clients lose weight by simply having them stop juicing.

3) Low fat/Fat-free foods.
Lower fat content doesn't always mean fewer calories.
For example, two tablespoons of reduced-fat peanut butter gives you 187 calories. The same amount of regular has 191 calories. Half a cup of fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt contains 100 calories, compared to 104 for the same amount of regular.

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