Thursday, July 17, 2014

Toss My Salad! 10 Minute Lunch Idea: Chicken Kale Salad

I'm a fan of being easy. I also have a very tight...schedule. That's why lunchtime has to be quick and simple.

Chicken Kale Salad:
Trader Joe's frozen "Just Chicken" strips
Trader Joe's "Power of the Greens" salad bag; baby kale, baby chard & baby spinach
Persian cucumber
Raspberry vinaigrette

Cook chicken in skillet with seasonings (I use TJ's 21 season salute OR a poultry seasoning); slice cumber, mix in salad in a bowl, add cooked chicken, toss and top with vinaigrette.

Easy, healthy and yummy. And we're done here. NEXT!

If you have a little more time and some other things in the kitchen, like slicked almonds, dried cherries, white raisins, avocado,  cherry tomatoes, strawberries, throw some of those in the mix. With some really simple base ingredients, you can throw in new things to create new twists that keep it fresh and different.

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