Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Healthy Healthy Yum Yum! Easy Tuscan-Style Recipe

Tuscan Tuna Salad 

So here's the deal; I'm a fraud! Sort of. Not really. I just don't get much joy out of cooking and have a REALLY hard time coming up with simple, healthy dishes. Yes, as a certified personal trainer it is expected that I'm able to give my clients diet tips in addition to workout routines. Because you can't workout and eat McSlop. I mean, you can but it will catch up to you eventually and then where will you be? FAT!

One tasty/healthy thing in my kitchen repertoire is this Tuscan Tuna Salad. I basically stole the recipe from the internet, played with it a little bit and made it better.

Here's what you need: 
Big Tupperware bowl with lid (for mixing and fridge storing in one)
2 cans white chunk tuna
1 can white beans
Extra virgin olive oil
Mayo or Dijon mustard
Cherry tomatoes (or whatever raw veggies you like)
Lemon (or lime)
Seasonings (I like salt, lemon pepper, a good dash of 21 season salute and a pinch of red pepper)

Here's what you do: 
Rinse/drain the beans and mash them with a fork.
Add a dollop of mayo or Dijon, squeeze in some citruis (lemon or lime) and a tablespoon EVOO
Rinse/drain tuna; add to bowl
Cut carrots, celery, tomatoes, (or whatever raw veggies you like); add to bowl
Stir the bowl
Cover and place in the fridge to cool; overnight is perfect for an easy lunch the next day.

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