Friday, January 3, 2014


Making resolutions is so 2013, you guys.
The latest fitness trend is no longer making resolutions, setting intentions instead. What's the difference?

"...if we are looking at making resolutions, we will be focusing on problems in our lives that need to be solved. We will be looking at what we think is "wrong" with us and how to "fix" ourselves. Common examples of resolutions might be losing weight or going to the gym more often because we see ourselves as being too heavy. Whatever our resolutions are, the perception will be that something is wrong with us and we need to fix it."

I first heard this from a yogi friend of mine. I soon saw other trainers announcing their intentions on Facebook and encouraging their clients, friends and fellow fitness professionals to do the same.

"... intentions are about becoming aware of different ways that you would prefer to be in your life...instead of looking at something about yourself that you need to fix or improve, why not explore how you would prefer to feel about yourself? For example, if quitting smoking is something you would really like to do in 2011, focusing on the increased self- respect you will feel when you accomplish this may be more helpful than shaming yourself into it by telling yourself that you "should" quit or how weak you are for continuing to smoke."

Replace "smoke" with your vice of choice.
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