Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What are the best ways to eat healthy at work?

How do you get into the habit of packing a daily lunch? 
Pre-pack on Saturday or Sunday. The hardest part of starting a new habit is ...actually doing it. We forget or run out of time; so plan ahead by preparing everything you can in a single setting, rather than each day in the morning rush before work. It's easier to portion out 5 lunches and set them in the fridge or pantry so they're ready to grab and go!

How can you avoid snacking on the inevitable goodies? 
When I worked a 9-5, I always had a snack drawer at my desk. Yes, a full DRAWER! Fill it with raw almonds, 100 calorie snack packs, trail mix, raisins, those little tuna packs, etc. No reason to his the vending machines, just reach into your drawer

Any tips on how to resist burgers and pizzas on a stressful day? 
Stress eating is inevitable, accept that this might happen. Stop making yourself more stressed by feeling guilty over it. Instead, plan ahead with those packed lunches, snacks and salads. If you have one stress eating day out of five you're still doing better the majority of the week.

How can you stay healthy if your other colleagues are not (and not offend anyone)? 
Ask them to help you stay on track. Often people will want to try to eat healthier alongside you, or openly judge you when you stray. It's like having the food police right there to call you out.

What are the disadvantages of skipping lunch? 
DON'T SKIP MEALS EVER!!! A light lunch will keep your energy up and brain power flowing. Skipping out on necessary protein and vitamins means you're going to be grumpy and lethargic. That phone call or email can wait. Set a specific time you are "out to lunch" and establish that you cannot be interrupted during this time.

Do you recommend eating at your desk? Why or why not? 
Don't eat at your desk. It's gross. A messy, crumb filled work space is not conducive to productivity. Give yourself a break; it is entitled to you by law.

What healthy snacks do you recommend having on hand? 
Raw almonds, fruit chews, dry fruit, trail-mix, protein shakes, grapes, bananas, carrots.

How do you recommend getting back on track after a bad week? 
Forgive yourself first. Bad weeks happen and it;s not your fault. What you CAN change is how you will deal with it now and moving forward. Simply start over. Allow yourself permission to wipe the past away and try again!

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